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Milton-Bradley Vectrex

Milton-Bradley Vectrex

The Vectrex became available in late 1982 for $199 from General Consumer Electronics (GCE). In early 1983, Milton-Bradley acquired GCE (MB's last entry into the videogame market was in 1979 with the Microvision--Jay Smith designed both the Microvision and the Vectrex). Just as the Microvision represented a first as the first handheld game system with interchangeable cartridges, the Vectrex represented another first as the first (and only) home gaming system with a built-in 9" monochrome vector monitor.

Although the unit's display is monochrome, plastic overlays with each game provided some illusion of color. In addition, there was a 3-D color imager which a user could wear to see special Vectrex games in 3-D color [Gregg Woodcock has one and yes, it really works--Virtual Boy, eat your heart out!]. A light pen was also developed.

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